Rules and policy

Minutes of exercise are transformed into points. Training ashore and onboard will give you the same amount of points.


 symbol means, that you have been training onboard.

 symbol means, that you have been training ashore.


You will evaluate the intensity of your training. Minutes of training can only be counted on your free watch. Heavy work onboard must not be counted. The intensities are:






Every participant competes for themselves, for their vessel and for their Shipping Company. The Vessel-points are counted by adding the points that vessel members have gained, and dividing with the numbers of crewmembers onboard. Shipping Company-points are counted by adding the points from the Shipping Companys’ vessels and dividing the numbers of vessels.

If you notice that your Vessel-points are incorrectly counted, send an email to and inform us the right number of crewmembers onboard. You can also ask about the number that is registered for your vessel.


The Optimal Week


To achieve the Optimal Week, you need to do enough exercising in three different forms: Basic Endurance, Muscle Conditioning and Endurance training. The UKK's Weekly Physical Activity Pie gives you the recommendation of health-enhancing activity:


3,5h Basic Endurance

2h Muscle Conditioning

1,5h Endurance Training


Before you have exercised enough, due to the recommendations, the meters will be blue.‚Äč

If one form of exercise exceeds the recommendations, the meter will change colour to green.

When all three meters exceeds the recommendations of weekly activity, they will all turn green, and you have achieved one Optimal Week.

Every Optimal Week gives you 10 extra points in the competition.



To make a new account, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Register button.
  2. Fill out the application, choose your vessel from the list and create a password.
  3. Go to your email and click on the link that has been sent to you. Your account has now been activated, and you can start collecting points. Ps. The email can often be found in the trashbox.

Register activity


To register a new activity, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Add button to register a new activity.
  2. Select the date when the exercise was performed, the duration, the type, the intensity and if the activity was performed ashore or onboard.
  3. If you can not find your activity from the list, choose option: other.
  4. Click Save.


Have you forgotten your password or email?


If you forget your password, click Forgot your password? The operator will send you a new password to your email. If you forget your email, send a message to


Isn't your vessel on the list?


If you cannot find your vessel from the list of vessels, send an email to and your vessel will be added. If you are working part time or as a substitute on different vessels, choose the vessel you worked on at the beginning of the year.


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