Minute Competition

The purpose of the Minute Competition is to increase activity among seafarers. We want to point out benefits of basic activity, help seafarers exercise in the right ways and engage you to move towards healthier lifestyles. You will compete for yourself, for your vessel and for your shipping company. Everyone can join, win a variety of prizes and help your own vessel win the vessel-competition.

Every form of activity add up to exercise minutes, which are converted into points. You can gain points onboard as well as ashore. The competition starts every year in January and ends the 31th December.

Every seafarer starts from the same starting point, no matter age, gender or condition. Your goal is to achieve the Optimal Week.  Every Optimal Week consists of Basic Endurance, Muscle Conditioning and Endurance training, and gives you 10 more points.

Take part in the competition to get a motivational boost to activate yourself, to follow your training or to gain Optimal Weeks!